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At Zen Foto Gallery in Roppongi Piramide Building the exhibition NIRVANA was held featuring work by Tim Porter (Canada) and Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand). Tim showed images of his series Still Lives and Manit of his series Masters. We were responsibel for the graphic design of the catalogues and postcard of this very interesting juxtaposition of bottled phoetesus of siamese twins and stoic looking wax replicas of budist monks.


CHAIR 1 COLOR & LINE CHAIR designed by Frank la Riviere Architects was selected for DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2010 where we will exhibit its prototype.

DESIGNTIDE TOKYO is a trade show conceived with the vision of continually proposing new products, scenes and ideas. While focusing on interior design and commercial products, this event also brings together carefully selected work from a wide variety of fields. DESIGNTIDE TOKYO is an exhibition space for designers and artists to share ideas and outlooks, presenting from Tokyo to the world.

“CHAIR 1 COLOR & LINE CHAIR” can be assembled in almost infinite ways with its interchangeable parts made of different colors and materials. Although the chair is constructed with a minimum amount of elements-flat surfaces and lines-it also offers a puzzle-like playfulness and geometric beauty. With its possible variations, the chair can almost fit any interior environment. And not only is the chair aesthetically good-looking but it is also comfortably designed.
We are currently working on new furniture including tables and shelves, retaining the same concept to create a consistent series of products.

デザインタイド トーキョーは、常に新しいものやシーンを提案するトレード・ショウです。
「CHAIR 1 COLOR & LINE CHAIR」。面と線だけのシンプルな構造でありながらも、美しさや幾何学的なパズルのような楽しさを表現。バリエーションが豊富なため、それぞれのインテリアに合わせやすいという魅力も兼ね備えている。見た目だけでなく、背もたれと座面の角度は座り心地のよさをも考慮。現在、テーブルや棚などを含む家具のシリーズとして登場させるべく、さらに開発中。
製作協力:マルニ ファニシング
Production support:


Date :5 days from October 30th (Sat) to November 3rd (Wed, national holiday)

Opening hours(Main venue) : 11:00 ~ 21:00 [ last entry 20:30 / 17:00 close on last day]
Extension venues:Various locations throughout Tokyo (shops, galleries, cafes, museums etc. )
日程        :2010年10 月30 日(土)~11 月3 日(水・祝)の5 日間

メイン会場     :東京ミッドタウン・ホール
時間(メイン会場) :11:00 ~ 21:00 [最終入場時間 20:30 / 最終日は17:00 閉場] (予定)
エクステンション会場: 都内各所のショップ、ギャラリー、商業施設、カフェ、美術館 など

NAKED TOKYO: 2009 photography exhibition

What: NAKED TOKYO: 2009
When: Friday, June 26, 2009
Where: SuperDeluxe, in Roppongi (

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Entrance fee: ¥1,000

We are pleased to announce that the next Naked Tokyo exhibition will take place on Friday, June 26, 2009, at SuperDeluxe in Roppongi, 3-1-25 Nishi Azabu, B1F. (

NAKED TOKYO: 2009 will features the work of a group of more than 40 photographers from around the world and will include portraits, street scenes, and nudes, as well as conceptual and abstract images, all reflecting the theme “Naked + Tokyo”: shimmering, elegant nudes, anonymous streets, Edo kitsch, midnight blossoms, Zen soliloquies, nightclub glamour, wicked women, dangerous men, and shocking nudes.

Participating photographers are listed on page 2; publicity photos can be found on page 3.

For more information on Naked Tokyo: 2009, please contact

For more information on past Naked Tokyo exhibits, please access

Participating photographers:

Jonathan Adams,
Alexis Alvarez, US/Tokyo
Aydasara Ortega,
Carla Berger, US
Bruno Quinquet, France/Tokyo
Mark Oscar Canios, Philippines/Yokohama
David Coll Blanco,
Sam Davis ,
Camilla Douraghy, US-Iran/Switzerland
Aaron Lee Fineman, US/NY
Barbara Flatten, Germany/Tokyo
Frank la Riviere, Netherlands/Tokyo
Randy Gibbs,
Harold Godsoe,
Carla Hernandez, Spain/Tokyo
Max Hodges, US/Tokyo
Pawel Jaszczuk,
Leslie Kennah,
Amber Khan,
Jan Krasnan,
Laura Liverani, Italy
Keigo Moriyama, Italy/Tokyo
Ellen Nepilly,
Nikola Tamindzic,
Nathan Novak, US
Diane Parisella, US/New Mexico
Benjamin Parks, Canada/Tokyo
Patricia Prado,
Olga Poppius, Finland/Barcelona
Gary Heayes, Tokyo
Benjamin Robins. Australia/Tsujido, Japan
Tim Rudder, Australia/Tokyo
Patrick Saringer, Austria/NYC
Owen Schaefer
Michael Scott (Jeremy Brooke)
Francesco Serafini
Janna Stern
Toomas Altnurme, Estonia
Quynh-Anh Trinhxuan, Tokyo
Katsuyoshi Ueno, Japan