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Frank la Rivière, Architects Inc is a multi-disciplinary and internationally oriented design practice based in Tokyo that works in the field of urban, architectural, and interior design through to product and exhibition design whilst from time to time participating in art related events.
Our approach is centered on a thoroughly contemporary design language, with recurring themes such as lightness, transparency, continuous flow of space and trueness to the nature of the materials used. We create richly varied environments that are responsive to the needs of its occupiers and result in complex spatial experiences. Our designs are subtracted from a cultural, social and programmatic analysis relating to the design commissions, while the characteristics of the climate, the site and its restrictions, as well as the available techniques are other sources of inspiration. Technology, whether sophisticated or more basic, helps us to redirect the conventions dominant in the production of architecture, allowing not only for innovation but also to work on the improvement of the energy efficiency of our buildings. We belief, that a fusion of all these aspects will basically create more humane environments, at what ever scale and what ever the budget of the project, with more agreeable spaces for the people who use them.
We engage in collaborations that bridge conventional disciplines. These collaborative teams are formed per project with either other architects and designers or consultants allowing us to take on large-scale projects as well.

The practice is led by Frank la Rivière (The Netherlands Utrecht, 1961) who studied architecture and interior design at Delft University of Technology and in 1988 received his Masters degree (first class honors). In 1989 worked in London for Llewelyn Davies Weeks, Architects and Planners. In 1990, moved to Paris to work for Renzo Piano Building Workshop and in 1991 was invited to Japan through an initiative by the GK Design Group and developed aluminium structures while working with Sumitomo Light Metal Industries. From 1999 until 2007 worked as representative and local architect for Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure (Maison Hermès, Ginza Tokyo). Since 2001 worked as Frank la Rivière, Architect and changed to Frank la Rivière Architects inc in 2007. Besides being registered architect in the Netherlands, obtained as the first Dutch National based on more than 15 years of practical experience in Japan, the First Class Architects License in Japan. Was awarded Good Design Prize 2005 and the Interior Planning Award 2006 for Y-House.


2001年Frank la Riviere, Architect設立
2007年3月 株式会社フランク・ラ・リヴィエレ・アーキテクツ 設立
〒154-0017東京都世田谷区世田谷2-11-3, Tel/Fax 03-3428-4046

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Company name
Frank la Rivière, Architects inc
Since 2001: Frank la Riviere, Architect
Since March 2007: Frank la Rivière, Architects inc
Major field of activities
Urban Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design
Construction supervision & project management for architectural & interior works
Product design
10.000.000 yen
ir F.A. la Rivière
〒154-0017 Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Setagaya 2-11-3, Tel/Fax 03-3428-4046
Japan: First Class Architects office (registration nr: 53661)
The Netherlands: Architecten Register 1.890201.136