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Y-House in Cubes 04/2007

Y-House published in the section BLUEPRINT (text Rachel Lee) as one of the featured projects in Cubes Magazine, published in Singapore by Concepts Asia Publishing.

Under the caption Concrete Concepts Rachel Lee writes of the project;
“Frank la Rivière carefully cuts and crafts a perceived ruin into an architectural gem that defies the norm”.

“The unfinished structure would prove to be a design compass of sorts, presenting parameters that ground the design, as much as they challenge (it)….”

“Y-House throws off the cloak of convention in favour of novelty. And yet, it’s anything but novelty for novelty’s sake. Boldly going against the grain, la Rivière’s transformation of the concrete edifice is founded very much on practicalities such as function and cost – even if the result appears as conceptual in and of themselves”.

Received Interior Planning Award 2006 for Y-House

On September 20th 2006 Frank la Riviere received the Interior Planning Award for [Y-House].
Frank la Riviere, Architect / 山代悟+ビルディングランドスケープ(設計協力) 設計、監理を行った集合住宅[Y-House]がインテリアプランニング賞2006優秀賞を受賞いたしました。

Received Good Design Prize 2005 for Y-House

While colder season are approaching it is with the warmth of gratitude that I received the news from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, G-Mark Division ( that my recently completed project Y-House will be one of the recipients of the Good Design Prize 2005 in the category Architecture.
Y-house is a conversion project of an abandoned and unfinished apartment building located in Jingumae in Tokyo, changing the structure from 8 small units to three apartments to meet the client’s intentions. The project started about 2 years ago and was completed a year ago.
The jury mentions in their report: “The detailing takes a new position and the bold approach to adapting the existing structure creates the possibility of an effective utilization of space, as aspect of the project they highly valued”, as well as “the use of new materials and techniques”, the “ecological aspect of the design” and “the social and cultural meaning of the project” ( entry number 05B01020 Y-House

Frank la Rivière 25-10-2005

審査では、「独創的である」「新技術・新素材を巧みに利用している」「“エコロジーデザイン”を実践している」「社会・文化的な価値を誘発している」などにポイントが与えられ、その結果、「ディテールを用いて、他との差別化を計ろうとしている姿勢が新しい。大胆な構造体の再構成によって空間の有効活用が可能になった点は評価できる」という講評となりました(担当審査委員:隈研吾(ユニット長) 芦原太郎 黒崎輝男 塚本由晴 吉岡徳仁)。

フランク・ラ・リヴィエレ 2005-10-25