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The list of publications keeps on growing for our project Y-House. The latest addition is in [Atlas for Living] compiled by Daniela Santos Quartino for Loft Publishers and Published in Asia by [Page One]. Y-House is included under the under the chapter “Industrial”. This time we have the pleasure to be included next to a lot of famous designers, as per the introduction of the book:

[Interior design is a process that shapes the internal experience through the way volumes and surfaces are used. Its scope goes beyond the threshold of decoration to address the architectural, psychological and equipment aspects of a house.

This atlas brings together interior design projects from designers and architects from around the world, including Philippe Starck, India Madhavi, Karim Rashid, Matali Crasset, Massimiliano Fuksas, and Claudio Silestrin, the Ministry of design, and many more, in which the reader will find the key points in contemporary trends.]

Project coordinator & editor: Daniela Santos Quartino
Copy right 2008 Loft Publications published in Asia by PAGE ONE PUBLISHERS

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