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UnNaked Tokyo 写真展に参加

UnNaked Tokyo

The title is a sly reference to the “Naked Tokyo” exhibitions we have done in the past, but with the idea this one is a little different.

Because there is much ado about “unnaked.”

-Its the opposite of naked, though not quite.

-Its sometimes used to make a distinction between the state of not being quite naked (i.e. shirtless) and being not quite dressed.

-Its a knock on the door and your lover saying, “I’ll get that, since you’re getting unnaked.”

-Its not even a word, “unnaked”.

-Its art called out.

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april 11-13, 2013
space & cafe Pole Pole
164-0003 Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Higashi-Nakano 4-4-1,
tel 03-3227-1405
〒164 0003 東京都中野区東中野4-4-1 ポレポレ坐ビル1F space & cafeポレポレ坐

open from 11:30am until 9:00pm
april 13 until 7:30 pm entrance: free
opening party on

friday april 12 from 6:00pm-10:00pm
entrance ¥1000
Frank la Rivière and Tim Porter


Camilla Douraghy (Zurich)
Campbell Gunn (Tokyo)
Carl Whittle (NYC)
Carla Hernandez (Tokyo)
Clive France (Tokyo)
Dobie Cheung (Tokyo)
Frank la Rivière (Tokyo)
Gary Heayes (Tokyo)
Keigo Moriyama (Tokyo)
LeRoy Howard (Berkeley)
Lori Ono (Tokyo)
Owen Schaefer (H.K.)